The All 10s Pool

You love your fantasy football league.  From September to January it occupies your thoughts all week long.  Lately though, you feel like you might need more.  Maybe you’ve tried daily fantasy contests but they were too much more time.  If you’re looking for a way to spice up your league this fall, try an add on I call the All 10s Pool.

It’s a pretty simple concept, to win the progressive pool all of your starting players must score at least 10 points, if no one wins it carries to the next week.  Easy right?  That’s what many of my league-mates have thought.  In my home league (PPR) it has paid out once in three years.  We introduced it in my dynasty league (half PPR) last season and it paid out once.  It has produced quite a few highly entertaining sweats.  The two that come to mind are an owner missing it by one spot because Odell Beckham gave him 9 points.  The other was an owner who had tens at every position and his QB left to play.  Eli Manning gave him a 7 that night.  Brutal.

To set it up, gauge your league’s interest prior to the season.  It doesn’t require 100% participation, in fact, I allow owners to opt out in any week they feel light on scoring.  Set the stakes.  Neither of my leagues contain big gamblers so we do a dollar per week.  Most people just add the $16 in when they pay their league dues.  You might think a buck a week seems small time, but the pool currently sits at $409 in my home league.  Not bad.

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